CyanogenMod 7.2 (Android 2.3.7)



Current version:
    Old version:

    Google Apps (GApps)




    HOW TO COME BACK TO STOCK [RFS] FROM EXT4 - thanks lopicl.00

    • Restore Stock ROM with ODIN
    • When done, Boot to stock recovery
    • Wipe Data / Factory reset, Wipe Cache partititon... (this will revert data and cache to RFS)
    • Reboot system now


    • Fixed al 3g and Data issues on EXT4
    • My integrated on the ROM zip
    • IMEI is showing on EXT4 data partition
    • RILD is now prebuilt and updated last LibRIL.
    • Broken WIFI hotpost os wprking again
    • Icon of Wifi Hotpost is working well
    • eth\\d back again
    • RNDIS and USB0 are initialized in USB tether (still not working)
    • Torch FC's solved using real Flash light file
    • Camera using now the real Flash light file (flash still not working O.o)
    • Added all offline charging files (still not working too)
    • NOTE: No format is needed, update-script has been modify to format the partition automatically
    • Fixed not working 3g after turning off WIFI
    • Improved Camera with missing build.prop tweaks
    • Added two more camera libs, to get a better stability (libmmcamera)
    • System is faster than ever, due to EXT4 file system
    • NOTE: This ROM is only compatoble with my kernel 2.0 or up, or all the kernels that supports CM and EXT4 at the same time.
    • NOTE: Read the instructions carefully if you don't want to get you a brick from it.

    • Fixed lots of Audio issues
    • Audio rotation (SPeaker / headphone) fixed
    • Force Close with DSP manager fixed
    • Froce Close with Music CM7 app fixed
    • Headphone issue completely solved
    • Improved audio quality
    • Button-backlight has been fixed
    • Button-backlight works without breaking media scanner
    • HQ has been fixed, HQ youtube tested
    • Audio while HQ and videos better than before
    • FM radio has been added (still not working)
    • Menu button does not unlock the phone anymore by default
    • Fixed all Force close on Torch app
    • Network location fixed / improved
    • Built libncurses from source
    • Reduced lots of Camera crashes
    • Add some missing camera libs to build
    • Edited Update-script to give cleaner installation

    RC 1
    • Fixed HW 100% working
    • Fixed glitches on the screen, no more glitches ever!
    • Smooth HW than before, Broadcom test libs were a s***
    • We are not using Broadcom libs anymore
    • Used ALCATEL video encode / decode and HW libS
    • Using ALCATEL Proprietary files
    • THANKS TO ALCATEL AND LEGOLAS93: video encoding and decoding fixed
    • Fixed bluetooth on my kernel
    • Fixed Bluetooth on the ROM too
    • Sending files and recieveing files are now working
    • Need to update to kernel v 1.0 #3 to work
    • Implemented this new fully work libs on new Build from source
    • Camera preview working
    • Taking pictures faster and better quality
    • Video recording fixed
    • Audio recording fixed
    • Camera app working as it should
    • USE_CAMERA_STUB set to true
    • Removed all camera overlay
    • Video playback working, we can now watch videos
    • Fix Audio on play videos
    • RE-built whole build.prop
    • Improved Network location
    • Fixed Signal bars (white/blue)
    • 3G and H working with signal bars too
    • Added new build.prop tweak, to disable rotate animation (Read Bugs)
    • Fixed Boot animation - Thanks to Prototype-U
    • FIxed random reboot caused by HW libs by broadcom, super-stable ROM
    • Stable release - RC1

    BETA 4
    • Most expected release ;)
    • Fixed WIFI on new config
    • RE-builded wpa_supplicant.conf
    • Wifi faster than before using android Private Socket
    • Media Scanner Fixed
    • CM7 Native Audio Player working
    • RE-built audio libs thanks to patched libaudio from PsychoGame
    • Removed all samsung Audio stuff
    • Improved quality sound
    • FIxed headphone issue (low volume now is Good)
    • CM7 Native Gallery App working
    • CM7 Native File manager Working
    • Removed all space apps (Download them on 3rd post)
    • Improved RIL thanks to new RIL config by spacecaker
    • Fixed Torch on Device source code (Not smali)
    • Wait a few seconds before turingin ON again, it will collapse itself and force close
    • Re-built device tree from scartch
    • Bigger clean-Up ever (true)
    • Removed most of vendor files used on beta 3
    • MOst of this parts built from CyanogenMod
    • SMoother release with new GPU rendering and screen render
    • Spacecaker implementation on vendor files upgrades speed
    • RE-built build.prop - Faster 3G speed
    • Camera Native CM7 with white screen bug
    • NOTE: Read installation isntructions

    BETA 3:
    • Builded from last CM7 sources (repo sync) 
    • Builded in new build enviroment, for 4 devices 
    • Added 3 important build.prop tweaks 
    • 16 bit transparency enabled by default - SMOOTH 
    • Force scrolling cahce disabled by defalut - LESS GLITCHES 
    • Some build.prop about JIT 
    • New framework base patch, new variable called from HLG, reduces glitches as well 
    • Patched last CMParts, thanks to spacecaker and my search 
    • Fixed problem with OTA Package on Sources 
    • You can disable 16 bit, cache on CM settings as well Smoothnes release ever, really difficult to improve.
    BETA 2: 
    • NECESARY: Settings -> CyanogenMod settings -> Performance -> enable Use 16bit transparency -> reboot Feel the smoothnes of CM settings + new egl.cfg
    • Glitches reduced nearly 0 (there are some, but much less than before) 
    • New config on EGL.cfg which reduces glitches 
    • Some new build.prop tweaks to a better improvement 
    • Smoothness release ever 
    • Reduced reboot random times 
    • Same build as beta 1 as we are having some problems with new device tree 

    BETA 1:
    • Going to Beta thanks Wifi fixed Finally Fixed Wifi 100% - many thanks to WhiteXP 
    • Added flashlight files to ROM (not working yet) 
    • Added some live wallpapers 
    • Added to build live wallpapers on device tree, not on CM sources 
    • Builded in a new build enviroment (100% new) 
    • Torch app added (but crashing) 
    • Disabled option to build open gralloc (it didn't work) 
    • Added new autofocus files for camera - autofocus faster 
    • Added some new etc/permissions xml files (check github) 
    • Small cleanup and re-order source again 
    • Thetering and wifi hotpost working.
    ALPHA 4:
    • Bigger cleanup ever Proprietary libs moved to vendor folder (Except Gralloc)
    • Some fixed on Gralloc build and typo 
    • All proprietary libs updated to last stock rom 
    • Camera much more smoother 
    • Camera forced to work without EGL drivers -> smoother 
    • Builded on new development enviroment (all programs updated) 

    ALPHA 3:
    • Removed space media app Audio app from CM7 
    • added again Audio app edited to not show video icon 
    • MX player modifyed to play videos good 
    • Camera working Preview smoother 
    • Added LiveWallpapers (water one doesnt work) 
    • Big Cleanup on sources 
    • From developer view: 
    • Orgsnissation of all libs and creation of an ICS branch 
    • Added option to build broadcom open source drivers (the ones from Whitexp)
    • Added option (else) to use broadcom binaries released 
    • Added much more new libs to work better which such 3rd apps 

    ALPHA 2:
    • Gallery working, using SpaceGalleryV1.0.1 (Based on Quickpic) 
    • Media working with Space-MediaV1.0.0 (Based on Meridian) 
    • Camera working PREVIEW Space-camera v1.0.0 (Camera Illusion) 
    • As a consequence Media scanning working with those apps. 
    • Merged Music+Video/ Media Icon in one 
    • Media Player Deleted CM7 Original 
    • Camera app Deleted CM7 Original 
    • Media app Deleted CM7 Original 
    • Gallery app Added 
    • File manager again 
    • Cleanup on sources 
    • Added new libs to work better which such 3rd apps 
    • Mount system to install it better 

    ALPHA 1:
    • Going to alpha versions thanks 3g + RIL working 
    • Really big cleanup on sources 
    • Fixed 3g and data, thanks Maslin Sergey 
    • Audio should work better 
    • Using prebuilt mediascanner libs - mediascanner works with meridian 
    • Meridian app added by default - thanks whitexp 
    • Improvment on CRT animation (old TV animation) 
    • WIfi improvments, but not working yet 
    • Added Quickpic for photos - as mediascanner isn't working 
    • To install same as pre-alpha 2 and it BOOTS 

    PRE-ALPHA 3:
    • Sources cleaned again 
    • Audio libs added (cause sintax error) 
    • Usb error fixed cause to missing file 
    • To install same as pre-alpha 2 and it BOOTS 

    PRE-ALPHA 2:
    • Sources cleaned Framework/base patched applyed (sure) 
    • Any kernel on package 
    • New meta-inf, the one provided to a better installation to install flash hell lock kernel and then flash this zip 

    PRE-ALPHA 1:
    • Inital build (not booting) EGL libs by broadcomm installed by default 
    • First build from sources for ace i based on galaxy y sources (thanks whitexp) 
    • Hell lock kernel by default 


    1. hy biel you said the kernel works with only CM but simplicity v5 is running smoothly....

      1. Yeah... But WIFI wont work on it, as it is configured tonwork on CM

      2. hey ı am istall cm 7 beta 4 sd dont worked formeted fat32 dont worfked ?

      3. hey biel cual es lla ultima cm7... la rc2??

      4. Rom muito boa, o visual é 10 e super leve. encontrei alguns bugs na versão R2, o flash da camera ainda não funciona e também quando vc aciona o wifi e utilaza por um tempo, o 3g deixa de funcionar. Tem que reiniar o aparelho.

    2. Hi beta 4 3g edge worked ?

    3. meus parabéns aos desenvolvedores da rom, essa rom é muito boa não vejo a hora de chegar em sua versão vinal...

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    6. I'm using it and it is a marvel of ROM, and apart from the bugs of bluethoot and camera, no bugs rather heavy as it restarts from time to time, in the music player when you select a song, you play the next song and same happens when you lock and unlock the screen to hear the song and go to the next, not play videos, and there are problems with the screen, sometimes blurry and something ugly and with reference to the kernel, when I installed, has the same bug than Rafael, do not read the SIM card contacts.

      But I appreciate all your efforts to create this ROM, thank you.

      Best regards, 97carmine

    7. how to flash the kernel?

    8. Hey i've ben installed the CM7 RC1 and it works . But wen i installed google apps . And Google apps dont shows upp. Why ? Help pleasee.

    9. Biel Hello, I installed RC 1, and goes better than beta 4, especially about the music but CyanogenMod Settings settings, screen does not work any of your options, the animation is off and rotate the screen 180 degrees does not work, the camera works from time to time, sometimes it works and sometimes not, when you turn the screen, the screen turns green for one or two seconds and when you leave the camera app, if you're playing music, you go to the next song and please, put the app on the radio, if you are interested in putting a link to let you kick CyanogenMod 7 Galaxy GT-s5830 and there is an app that is quite curious and is one that shows all mobile secret codes, how bad it can not be used, can be installed but not used

      Radio App:

    10. Olá Biel, primeiramente quero agradecer a você e toda sua equipe pelos enormes esforços Eu estou usando RC 1 esta funcionando muito bem mas quando você abre um jogo ele roda e em alguns momentos ele trava e fecha sozinho e as vezes falta áudio, e se você poder adicionar o aplicativo radio na rom ficarei muito grato muito obrigado e parabéns pelo seu maravilhoso trabalho abraço.

    11. ask me to unlock network pin code

    12. Thanks a lot!!

    13. Biel, quero agradecer pelo seu trabalho duro, afinal esse modelo de Ace é provavelmente um dos celulares mais difíceis de trabalhar. Queria apenas frisar para você que o compartilhamento de internet através do cabo USB não está funcionando, que foi um bug não relatado pelo pessoal.

      E novamente, muito obrigado!!

    14. Olá Biel, queria apenas relatar que na Rom RC1 mesmo com a opção "Desbloquear com botão menu" desativada, o recurso continua habilitado, o que se torna inconveniente para quem utiliza o desbloqueio por gestos.

      E parabéns pelo seu excelente trabalho!!!

    15. Hi, I'm trying to port the CM for Galaxy Pocket, was wondering if you could help me.
      I'm using your ROM as a base to Beta 3 tava the wifi working, so after the Beta 4, is no longer working.
      The probable cause may be the kernel I'm using.

      I wanted to thank you for your great work.

      Sorry for the English Google Translate.

    16. Hi. I have A Galaxy Ace GT-S 5830i La Feur. I have downloaded CM 7.2 RC2. My problem is the following. I cannot write anything in my phone, because I do not have a virtual keyboard (Android keyboard didnt pops up). Even in google play, even in SMS or the Internet. Why could be this??

    17. Hello, how can i install this Rom without lost my apps on the phone?
      Have i do a /data copy? Or i need anything else?

      Sorry if my english is bad.

    18. Replies
      1. Keyboard didn't pops up, therefore I cannot write anything.

    19. Biel i want to help you out... i am a fucking programmer machine... like the fucking satriani in the keyboard.. surfing whit the aliens... you know men... i have like 5 years using linux... i am like the gilbert of the torvals bastard son... if u want help... plz send me a pm

    20. Hi Biel. please, can you help me to resolve my problem? I have installed Cyanogenmod RC2 with kernel 1.0, and i cannot write nothing, because i do not have keyboard, simply keyboard didnt pops up when i want to write something.

    21. hello biel, there is a error that would love that was solved and is the animations screen and turning the screen 180 degrees, from RC1 this that error

    22. Hi. Do you have the code in a repository so I can build as a full CM release? Also happy to release any bug fixes back to your repository.

    23. I have a question: the next version of cm7 will be final or RC4?

    24. Bill you said that after cm 7.2, you will start to make 10 cm

    25. Hi, Bill.

      if i want to install CM 7.2 RC3 RFS or EXT4, where i can download the special kernel fo rfs or ext4 version. i dont find it.
      Sorry for my bad english, my native language is russian)

    26. I can't comment XDA developer posts, instead I write here. Thank you. :)

    27. What's the difference between RFS and EXT4 ? And so why when i flash the rom i don't see the gapps? I don't look google play store ecc . why ?

    28. RSF version: Works fine, but NetworkData doesn't work (3G,2G).
      Ext4: can't even use the mobile network (calls,3G,2G)

      Btw, when you going to continue your work with the "CyanogenMod 9.1 - 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich" I've been testing but has many problems yet.

    29. Installed CyanogenMod 7.2 RC3 RSF version with kernel v. 2.0 #5 - RFS
      Everything is working just fine for me but battery usage is very heavy, 1 recharge lasted 6 hours.
      Can't pinpoint the cause, any suggestions is welcomed :)

    30. Runs but I can't make calls or send texts. Any chance of any fixes? Happy to help out if you have the source available in a repository...

    31. There is a big problem in RC4 and lets not flash the Google Apps, at least to me, luckily I made a backup with Titanium Backup, now I can use the phone without the Google Apps

      1. mount system before flash google apps :D

    32. Steps:-
      1. Do 3 wipes
      2. Install Kernel
      3. Advance->Reboot
      4. Format system, data & cache
      5. Mount system,data & cache
      6. Install Rom
      7. Install Gapps
      8. Reboot

    33. I installed Gapps:

      1. Mount system
      2. Flash gapps

      but now i cant download anythink from market

      1. I have the same problem in version RC4, I have done numerous repair attempts, clearing Market cache, wipe cache.

        Is there any solution to this problem?

      2. same here :(

    34. hi, gj just i had problem with rc4, no play store and i can't use after manual install cause he crash when i go to imput my g account ( manual installation of g account; it doesn't work too )

    35. Hi, I'm a cook with some years of experience in s5830m, S5830i, s5360 if I could help as possible in the development of this cm7 or cm9 who say that just stood in project could count on my support and I have two galaxy ace everything to work

    36. hi i am from KSA i have some bug is

      1- when Language is Arabic(Egypt) no application is not install on SD card but when Language is English the application can be install on SD card

      2- on any VPN application work

      sorry for my bad English language ><

    37. HI ..My name is Mohannad from KSA

      I have some problem over here :

      1- when Language is Arabic(Egypt) applications can not be installed on SD card , but when it's English the application can be installed normally on SD card

      2- VPN applications never work anyway .

      Thank you ..

    38. How to install RC4? Because i install it but not open it.

    39. Amigos, si llegamos a la cifra de 6.000, liberan los drivers, aqui está la página web / Friends, if we reach the figure of 6000, free drivers, here is the website


    40. Hi, is a excelent Rom, but i have a problem is that FM Radio not working? some idea how to make it work?

    41. Hello,
      Just a few questions to the great developer :-)

      1. Is RC 3 or RC 4 the stablest version ?
      2. Is your CM Port for the Samsung Galaxy Ace(i) Version stable enough for daily work and is the version up to date? Because you stopped the developing of it.
      3. Is your CM 9 Version more stable as your CM 7 Version for Samsung Galaxy Ace (i) ?

      Thank you for your answers and your great work :-)

    42. please help the bluetooth doesnt work how repair it??

    43. I cant use 2g/3g , please help!

    44. For me bluetooth does not work either. I can connect my headset and control the player with it, but I don't hear any music.
      Also sending mms does not work (checked APN several times...).
      Does anyone know how to fix these problems?

    45. Hey...

      First... Congratulations, nice project you are doing.

      Second. I'm running the RC3 version, and there is a bug with compass... All apps show a very high interference with the sensor (up to 1500 μ) . Google Maps cannot detect phone's position or any other compass app. What could it be? Normally must be no more than 20 μ.

      Sorry for my bad english.

    46. i did yours but my google apps not installed?

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    48. is messaging working with this mod? i mean if sms is working and can you call with this mod?

      1. everythink is ok :) sms, call, wi-fi, 3g...

      2. thankyou for your reply gota flash this now :)

      3. youre welcome :) but my favorite Cyanogen mod rom is ACE-I-SCAPE rom you must try this.

      4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    49. This comment has been removed by the author.


    51. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

    52. CM4 mediafire download doesn't work :-(

    53. link RC4 is ok, the best rom ever for 5830i

    54. RC 4 wifi hotspot not working properly.any solution?

      1. please use a third party app : : that might help

    55. hello, first thank you so much for this ROM.
      I have just one problem i cannot access my gmail account do add my contacts,
      I have tried to edit the hosts file without any success, Does anyone had this issue?
      Thank you very much :-)

    56. This comment has been removed by the author.

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    57. How do we download applications from google play?
      I do not see google play after flashing this ROM...

    58. Gracias, funcionó perfectamente en un S5830M, solo dio problemas para flashear el GAPPS, flasheaba bien pero no resultaba nada, lo resolvi montando system y cache antes de flashear y listo.

    59. Hi,
      I own a S ACE S5839i with stock ROM. I've tried to install your CM7 rom, SIM and microSD inside the phone, from the downloads of your site and following your tutorial. All seems OK, but when I reboot my phone it stays stuck on the S5839i logo. I've tried many wipes, format,... in recovery mode but it changes nothing, no success. Does anybody have an idea ?
      Thank's for any help, even if I'm not sure to be in the good section,

    60. if you want to enable monitor mode on Alce s5830i (bcm21553 chipset)
      you have to extract or create the bcm21553 bundle

      see all the step here :

      my personal note:i think going directly to the will make us less dependent of the bcmon.apk who need to be added some drivers compabilities

      check here

    61. ...going directly to the chipset bundle...
      cause when i checked the bcmon drivers on the last link,i saw only nexus one and samsung S2 drivers

    62. but if ! you Are courageous and want Even though to modify the Apk(bcmon),
      make it Available on this Room

      otherwise content yourself to withdraw or make a bundle for the bcm21553 chipset ;) i hope i have made the thing more clear noW *kiss*