Star Wars FX effects

I have always wanted to know how special effects work. This summer I started to produce some videos related to special effects using Star Wars ideas. For the moment, I have 3 lightsaber battles and 1 video trying to use the Chrome Key (moving an R2D2 throughout a desert).
I am starting to know how this actually works:

Lightsaber battles: Edited with SONY Vegas PRO 13. They are edited frame by frame with a solid color masked to fit the lightsaber. Then 2 effects are added: SONY Blur and SONY Media to make that cool lightsaber effect. Music and clashes are added later. Clashes are also another solid layer masked each 2 frames the lughtsaber clashes with the other one.
Lightsaber are actually toys I used to play when I was a child.

VIDEO coming up soon.

R2D2 effect: Edited with Sony Vegas PRO 13. Chroma key was managed with green paper sticked on the wall using bluetack. Performing some zoom actions and masking the R2D2, I managed to seem he was actually moving throughout the desert. The R2D2 is actually a toy I found somewhere. The light on him is really similar as a lightsaber (lacking the white part). Some brightness and contrast effects are added to join the toy with the image in the back. It is not the best result ever but I had alot of fun editing it.

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